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June 23, 2022

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A Collaborative Design by Chen Lin and Cui Shušł®Techsize Global Flagship Store.

The mind is as deep as a valley, the friendship is as deep as water. Being righteous and well-mannered, If so already, take it easy!

- Feng Zikai

Beauty is always hidden in a large environment, exists in life, and appears in all things. In such a space, the elements of wind, fire, water, and soil change and move, where the stripes are deep and brilliant, the lights are clear and independent, the water rhythm is light, and the ink brush is vigorous and bold.

Realization of beauty

"Observing without evaluating is the only realization of beauty."

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

Originated in Spain and located in Hangzhou, the Techsize global flagship store adheres to the spirit of "feeling new beauty and exploring new trends in art and design" to convey the brand concept of "creating a beautiful living space". Breaking through the traditional display logic, the design does not focus on displaying product features, but to present the spiritual core, thus creating a space full of art and a living atmosphere...

Video Production: Yun Dawei


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