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August 7, 2021

As an architect-designed modern apartment, Napier Street stands out as a particularly considered concrete structure. The architecture and interior design, completed by Freadman White Architecture and Interior Design, celebrates key moments within the apartment building. One in particular is the moment of pause conjured by each home’s entrance, embracing a calming disposition that is then filtered throughout the internal spaces and interior design. The interiors are designed through a celebration of organic and human quality: every architect-designed apartment is treated with the same respect shown to an individual home.

Design features, like the sliding windows within the entry doors, allow light and air into the apartment interior spaces. The constraints of the semi-landlocked site meant that the architects needed to think creatively, as natural light and ventilation was only accessible from the east and west. Intentionally designing the apartment building by using two connected structures allows for internal open-air circulation within the centre of the site, which is accessible by residents via a series of sky bridges. This gives a sense of flow and movement throughout the apartments, but also connects the residents with a space they can share as a community.

Both Milieu Property and Freadman White Architecture and Interior Design share aligned core values, with a vision to create a modern and diverse design to connect community and home. The materials used within the apartments are tactile in finish: the selection of brass is continued through from the communal front aspects, like the mailbox, through to the internal spaces, like the courtyard and interiors. The homes within Napier Street Apartment are made more distinct through personalisation by each occupant, giving them ownership over their own spaces within each architect-designed apartment.

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Architecture and Interior Design by Freadman White Architecture and Interior Design.
Developed by Milieu Property.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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