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February 5, 2022

A serene and minimal house, Bay House is built to promote a complete sense of wellbeing. Partnering with Brickworks, Studio Prineas uses purposeful materiality to establish a tranquil family home.

Located on the land of the Gweagal, Bidjigal and Cadigal people of the Eora Nation, Bay House overlooks Kyle Bay, approximately twenty kilometres from Sydney. The exterior of the minimal house is defined by a sense of direct simplicity that distinguishes it from the homes of the surrounding area. A breezeblock wall by Brickworks adds visual dynamism to the façade whilst allowing natural light to reach the internal spaces.

A house tour of the residence reveals a simple spatial layout. Inside the house at street level, a central stair sits proudly between the lounge and kitchen. Ascending the stairs leads to the master suite, whilst the lower level of the house contains 2 children’s bedrooms, a spacious laundry room and bathroom. The lowest level of the minimal house is comprised of a multipurpose space, currently used as a recreation room.

Studio Prineas takes a restrained approach to the interior design of Bay House to create a peaceful and effortless living environment. The matte black kitchen is cleanly differentiated from the light and airy living spaces by a simple juxtaposition of colour. An understated and unimposing material palette is formed from timber, concrete walls and polished concrete floors.

Integral to the architecture of Bay House is specially selected blockwork from Brickworks. The concrete blocks of the internal walls have a “home finish” that sees their natural aggregates exposed, enlivening the interior and connecting the home to the natural environment. Used for both the internal architecture and building exterior, the concrete blocks are durable, multifunctional and establish a pleasing sense of material continuity throughout the residence.

Bay House benefits from the authenticity and natural finish for which Brickworks products are renowned. By collaborating with the quality-driven manufacturer, Studio Prineas crafts a minimal house that is both robust and refined.

00:00 - An Introduction to Bay House
00:36 - Meet the Architect
00:50 - Situating the Minimalist House
01:23 - A Tour of the House
02:16 - Utilising Concrete Masonry Blocks
03:14 - Relationship with Brickworks
03:28 - Minimalist House Finishes
03:48 - What Brickworks are Most Proud Of
04:17 - What the Architect is Most Proud Of

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Architecture, Interior Design and Styling by Studio Prineas.
Photography by Chris Warnes.
Build by AVAD Construction Group.
Filmed by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Filmed and Edited by O&CO.
Production by The Local Project.

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