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September 20, 2021

YSG and Laminex explore new and innovative ways on how to design a bold, colourful and textural kitchen. Inspired by a vibrant and tonal palette, the collaboration between the interior design studio and the laminate manufacturer creates a subtle sense of intrigue, inviting engagement within interiors and drawing one into the home.

The Fantales House design establishes a dramatic yet organic colour palette. When thinking of how to design a bold, colourful and textural kitchen, the 2021 Laminex Colour Collection is crafted with a versatile and striking vision to elevate any house. The collection is intended to suit a wide range of interiors and is designed to create a home that is bursting with unexpected tonality and a sense of curiosity.

Throughout the Fantales Home, Laminex Burnt Ochre is used for the base and overhead cabinetry, while the benchtops are comprised of Laminex Moroccan Clay. When exploring how to design a bold, colourful and textural kitchen, this colour blocking effect is suitable for both interiors and kitchen design, creating spaces that are both abstract and evocative.

The kitchen design lends a sense of order and continuity, grounding some of the more unconventional elements. Plays on texture within the kitchen feed into significant aspects of the design, whilst speaking to the holistic aesthetic. The unexpected touch of blue Laminex Fresh Spring is found when drawers or cupboards are opened, animating an otherwise rote act within a house and creating a moment of delight. When planning how to design a bold, colourful and textural kitchen, YSG injects vibrant elements such as this into the interior design, which is then further felt throughout every aspect within the kitchen.

Visually and tactilely engaging, the kitchen design captures the senses, stimulates the imagination and explores how to design a bold, colourful and textural kitchen. YSG has creatively worked with Laminex laminate to create a kitchen sensitive to the functional requirements of daily life, brimming with warmth and comfort.

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Laminate by Laminex.
Interior Design by YSG.
Photography by Derek Swalwell.
Styling by Natalie James.
Filmed and Edited by Dan Preston.
Production by The Local Project.

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