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September 7, 2021

Designing and building three tiny cabins on a farm by the beach requires a deep understanding of the Australian landscape and an appreciation for the union between architecture, interior design and the environment. Located in Phillip Island, Five Acres is a farm by the beach, surrounded by rolling hills and a rugged natural landscape. The boutique accommodation pays homage to the traditional beach shacks throughout the interior design, with each structure envisioned as a tiny house.

As a modern Australian-inspired design, Five Acres is imbued with neutral, warm textiles and finishes. Belle Bright Project leapt at the chance of designing and building three tiny cabins in the Australian landscape. Each tiny cabin is composed of different colours to evoke relaxation and calm. Designing and building three tiny cabins on a farm by the beach meant bringing the outdoors inside. The earthy colour palettes are highlighted by contemporary accents, speaking to a more modern Australian-inspired design.

Each boutique accommodation has a slightly different experience. Belle Bright Project applied a modern interpretation of Laminex AbsoluteMatte products, which are designed and made in Australia. The modern, versatile fingerprint-resistant finish provides the perfect additional feature to each tiny house. When designing and building three tiny cabins on a farm by the beach, Belle Bright Project had to cleverly repurpose materials. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Laminex product complements the architecture of each dream cabin.

When designing and building three tiny cabins, Belle Bright Project took inspiration from the landscape. The tiny cabin Barley is inspired by soft muted tones of the earth, bringing warm browns and terracotta into the interior. Clover is a darker, moodier interior, with highlights of black and green – the Laminex black softens when paired with the internal concrete finishes and oak timbers within the dream home. The Tiny House dubbed Rye boasts a green palette with softer tones, instilling a sense of calm throughout and reacting to its location as a farm by the beach.

The spaces within each cabin are inviting, luxurious and warm. Building a cabin with the specific intention of relaxation, Belle Bright Project has ensured Five Acres is imbued with a contemporary serenity, cementing the Phillip Island getaway as a dream home.

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Photography by Marnie Hawson and Claire Davie.
Interior Design by Belle Bright Project.
Laminate and Surface Materials by Laminex.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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