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September 21, 2022

#architecturehunter Swipe left, archi-hunters! You won’t regret it! And go to our stories now to learn more about this project. _project: Culvert Guesthouse _architecture: _photographer: Takumi Ota & Daici Ano _location: #Japan“A storage facility for archiving furniture, products, and artwork in Miyota-machi, Nagano Prefecture, with a guesthouse attached. Located in a quiet and nature-rich environment where streams weave through a thick forest of red pine, the tunnel-like architecture took shape through a combination of precast and prestressed construction methods. The building is composed of four stacked ‘tunnels’ covered with a roof in the center. In addition to a long, narrow storage room with a depth of approximately 40 meters, there are two smaller storage rooms, but it is envisioned that more will be added to the site in the future as the collection grows. The kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and other water facilities are concentrated on the first floor, and a compact bedroom and a study are located on the second floor” say the architects.