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January 23, 2022

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Showcased throughout the house tour of an architect’s own tiny home, Riley’s Terrace emerges as a lesson in architecture and interior design. Adele McNab Architecture delivers a home filled with natural light, contrasted against the previously shadowed areas of the structure.

Settled into the Sydney suburb of Redfern, Riley’s Terrace is an architect’s own tiny home. Measuring just three metres wide, the small house sees a spiral staircase used to save space whilst enabling movement throughout the residence.

In the process of forming Riley’s Terrace, Adele McNab Architecture capitalises on the spatial opportunities of the site, turning the space into an architect’s own tiny home. Reconfiguring the typical terrace layout, a courtyard is placed at the centre of the dwelling. The position of the courtyard allows natural light to reach the kitchen and dining room, which had dark spaces in the previous configuration.

The restrained and cohesive material palette of Riley’s Terrace hints at its status as an architect’s own tiny home. In the kitchen, a matte Laminex product is used on the cabinetry and splashback, visually blending with the plaster walls and drawing the eye to the golden spider marble benchtop.

As an architect’s own tiny home, Riley’s Terrace is a demonstration of architectural savvy. Adele McNab Architecture uses connection to the external environment as a means to improve life within the house.

00:00 - Squarespace
00:15 - An Introduction to the Tiny Home
00:45 - Connection to the Outdoors
01:11 - Designing for Yourself
01:50 - Designing Flexible Spaces
02:10 - The Kitchen and Dining Room
02:25 - The Rear Studio Space
02:27 - The Materials Used
02:59 - The Exterior Materials
03:15 - Materials Used in the Kitchen
03:39 - The Stone Used in the Kitchen & Bathroom
04:01 - Natural Light in the Tiny Home
04:15 - The Central Outdoor Courtyard
04:40 - What the Architect is Most Proud Of
05:09 - Squarespace

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Architecture and Interior Design by Adele McNab Architecture.
Built by the owner.
Carpentry by Maple Building & Carpentry.
Joinery by UltraForm Joinery.
Engineering by Alba and Associates.
Photography by Clinton Weaver.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

Musicbed SyncID: MB01M4NEWRVIAKA

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