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March 2, 2022

Concealed Refuge by Oli Booth Architecture is an architect’s own tiny home. Built in response to an intensifying urban environment, Concealed Refuge testifies to the beauty and spatial generosity that can accompany a smaller footprint.

Located in central Auckland in close proximity to neighbouring bungalows and villas, Concealed Refuge is an architect’s own tiny home. Whilst a garden courtyard is positioned centrally, the house occupies a corner of the site, cut into the landscape so that it appears as a single level dwelling upon approach.

Externally, Concealed Refuge expresses the sense of balance indicative of an architect’s own tiny home. Whilst the walls are fluted – creating a sculptural, considered appearance – they are also made of concrete, proposing in turn a raw and textural imperfection. A sliding door to the corner of the building opens the house up to the canopy of trees, brought closer by the cantilevered nature of the architecture.

In an architect’s own tiny home, lighting is paramount: Oli Booth Architecture ensures that the interior design of Concealed Refuge celebrates natural light. The home features a long skylight that catches the sunlight throughout the day, as well as an angled, tiled section of ceiling that bounces light into the kitchen space. A more playful aspect of the scheme is a section of glazing fitted into the floor of the entryway, which draws light into the lower level of the home.

Oli Booth Architecture enables Concealed Refuge to exceed all expectations for an architect’s own tiny home. Both open and intimate, the small residence presents as the ideal refuge within an ever-developing urban environment.

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04:05 - A Tour of the Tiny Home
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Architecture, Interior Design and Styling by Oli Booth Architecture.
Photography by Sam Hartnett.
Build by Roger Gibb Builders.
Landscape by Xanthe White Design .
Filmed and Edited by Cadre Productions.
Production by The Local Project.

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