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August 23, 2021

In the quest for creating a relaxing family house, Webster Architecture & Interiors has crafted a warm and comfortable environment. The house tour showcases Collis as a dream home. Comprised of incredible architectural and interior details, Collis explores the dynamic relationship between the front facade and its interior spaces.

The family home fosters a great connection between the exterior spaces and interior design. As a relaxing family house, it was important that privacy and comfort were prioritised – this includes the details given to the front façade, furniture and interior décor. The house tour explores how influential the façade is – despite being quite simple in its architectural form and utilising an array of materials, the consistency of its colour palette threads each aspect together and offers an interplay with light as it passes through the structure during the day. As the light hits the panels, the resulting architecture and interior design are encrusted with another visible and vibrant layer.

The front facade was installed by SHADES, who did not shy away from the home’s complex design requirements: instead, they created a seamless injection of practical and aesthetically pleasing details. Adding to the interior detailing, SHADES also installed a series of 100% linen, sheer curtains to the family house. This allowed light to be filtered throughout the home, helping to create a relaxing family house. Small details, such as this, further accentuate the architectural facets of the project and suit the furniture aesthetic.

Light also plays an integral role in producing a relaxing family house. The white home naturally reflects light internally and externally. The main entrance has a light well – aiding in delivering light throughout the whole home and solidifying a connection between the interior décor and external spaces.

Collis is intended as a relaxing family house and as a dream house. Its interior details and furniture were specifically chosen to create a calming and cosy atmosphere for its family occupants.

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Architecture & Interior Design by Webster Architecture & Interiors.
Photography by Elisa Watson.
Build by Mazzei.
Landscape Design by Nathan Burkett.
Window Furnishings by SHADES.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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