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October 19, 2022

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This case is a home designed for children. With an entertaining design full of fantasy, it brings surprises to every corner of the home. Once Picasso said he wanted to "paint like a child", and the "face figure" has long been used repeatedly as the object of painting by modern masters, and it is also represented in contemporary entertainment by familiar archetypes such as robots, Pac-Man, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The symbolic nature of the face gives people a more childlike, joyful and friendly feeling.

This case embodies the concept of "kitsch" in a jocular way. In other words, while pursuing design logic and rejecting absolute rationality, it incorporates seemingly "vulgar" entertainment symbols into contemporary residential design in a "Collage" and "Dadaistic" creative mode. Through absurdist irony and criticism, it sheds new light on the traditional dwelling house model with "functionalist", showing the complexity and contradiction of space...

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