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February 7, 2022

In this episode we are visiting three inspiring architecture houses in Chile and Turkey.

The combination of Chile’s natural geography and susceptibility to earthquakes, its urban predisposition and European heritage, has ensured this is a country whose architecture is wide-ranging. Colonial-style buildings remain common in many places and there are numerous examples of neoclassical, Georgian and modern architecture. In southern Chile, one can find a traditional ruca (or ruka), a Mapuche home made of wood and covered in hay. Chilean architecture’s penchant for contemporary dwellings, built using concrete, glass and steel, has placed the country firmly on the modern-day architectural map. As a long country, Chile inevitably experiences a myriad of weather patterns. Consequently, architectural structures have varied historically and were determined by a particular region’s climate: materials such as stone and mud were used in the drier north, adobe in the central province and wood in the wetter south.

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In this video:
0:00 ▶ Intro
0:28 ▶ LLU House by Cazú Zegers
2:47 ▶ Ye House by Cazú Zegers
4:22 ▶ MU50 House by Teke Architects
7:25 ▶ Outro

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