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October 11, 2021

Ever watch an episode of "Open Door" and have an especially cool houseplant catch your eye? Do you wish your own home was decked out with a lush array of green friends? Christopher Griffin AKA Plant Kween breaks down everything you need to know about the plants you've seen in celebrity homes on Architectural Digest and how to care for them in your own space.

Hosted by: Christopher Griffin
Directed by: Morgan Crossley
Producer: Joel David Ahumada
Associate Producer: Chase Lewis
Edited by: Louis Lalire
Graphics by: Léa Kichler
Post Production Manager: Stephanie Cardone
Production Manager: Morgan Winters
Production Coordinator: Melissa Heber
Director of Photography: Bradley Wickham
Set Decorator: Annie Spellings
Associate Producer, On Set: Brandon White
Camera Operator: Jeremy Harris
Sound Mixer: Tyson Dai
Production Assistant: Carlo Betia

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Plant Kween's Expert Guide To Open Door Houseplants

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