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May 17, 2022

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OODA Architecture: How does one develop housing typologies with more than 200 square meters of balcony?

Located in one of the prime areas of Porto, Miramar Tower is a habitable sculpture in the city. Standing out for its uniqueness in the landscape and for its proximity to the sea, Miramar Tower is similar to the buildings in Pasteleira Park to the north, in proportion and dimension, but otherwise completely distinctive in its concept approach. The volumetric composition is the result of the architecture drive with the ambition to develop housing typologies with more than 200 square meters of balcony areas per floor. On the top of the podium, a vertical volume with 15 storeys emerges, parallel to the road and with roughly the same height as the tower buildings in this area. By locating the building in the most central part of the plot, it ensures maximum spacing for all adjacent buildings. Evidencing a structuralist matrix with vertical dendriform section, the building is adaptable to the typology optimization. The floors, organized with one or two rooms, create a spiral speech where the apparent rotation and modelling of the terraces at 360 degrees give it a visual and real sense of verticality...


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