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December 17, 2022

Inside one of Melbourne’s most modern architectural homes, the house tour of Hawthorn House showcases Edition Office’s timeless design. Working with Flux Construction, Edition Office plays with light and shadow to reveal the form and characteristics of the home. Over an 18-month building process, Flux Construction and Edition Office have created a house unlike other modern architectural homes. First seen from the outside, Hawthorn House appears as a monolithic structure yet, on the inside, the family home becomes a private sanctuary for its owners.

Similar to other modern architectural homes, Hawthorn House suffered from lack of privacy in its suburban location. To respond to this need, Edition Office has pushed the skin of the building out from the glass line, which allows for both privacy and the softening of light. Upstairs has been provided more privacy through light volumes, a structural choice between the buildings form and glass line that open up to the sky. Furthermore, the light volumes also provide advantageous views and the experience of seeing the seasons as they change.

Employing unique interior design choices that allow for ease of living, the architect and interior designer have configured downstairs as one singular platform. Offering different experiences, each living area has a differing focus. From the front pavilion, the homing in on the northern light and established lemon gum tree offers the owners a space to connect with their surrounds. Experienced in the more intimate rear pavilion, an inward focus of the home brings a soft and warming essence to the interior. Celebrating the structural form of modern architectural homes, Edition Office and Flux Construction operated with a concise approach when completing the house. Through the connection of materials, the home is a celebration of concrete, timber and glass, which is observed immediately from the exterior shell.

Equally as important as the home, the evolving landscape offers a place of cognitive restoration. With a mixed use of exotic species and natives, the green life helps to provide a comforting space that will continue to grow in place. Over the modern architectural home’s form, Edition Office has provided its clients with complete privacy through a humble material palette and lush landscaping.

00:00 - Introduction to the Most Brilliant Architectural Home
00:26 - Playing with Light and Shadow
00:44 - Creating a Family Home
01:47 - Filtering Through the Concrete Shroud
02:00 - Views From Each Living Space
02:24 - The Original Brief
02:59 - A Quick but Complex Build
04:14 - Emulating A Sanctuary with Other Worldly Vibes
04:30 - The Skin of the Building
04:46 - A Balancing Act with The Materials
05:05 - Returning to the Project
05:26 - Proud Moments

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Photography by Tom Ross and Ben Hosking.
Architecture and Interior Design by Edition Office.
Build by Flux Construction.
Styling by Marina Breit.
Filmed and Edited by Dan Preston.
Production by The Local Project.

The Local Project acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners of the land in Australia. We recognise the importance of Indigenous peoples in the identity of the country and continuing connections to Country and community. We pay the respect to Elders, past and present and extend that respect to all Indigenous people of these lands.

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