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February 23, 2022

Inside a penthouse apartment in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, design and craftmanship unite. Millers Point Penthouse sees Studio Barbara collaborate with Elton Group to renovate a tired penthouse apartment, transforming the residence into a welcoming home that celebrates the handcrafted.

Settled within a historic part of Sydney, Millers Point Penthouse sits twenty-eight storeys high overlooking the city harbour. Capable of imbuing each project with personality, Studio Barbara is the ideal firm to work inside a penthouse apartment, removing and reintroducing walls to promote spatial fluidity.

The interior of Millers Point Penthouse diverges from the aesthetic expected inside a penthouse apartment. In place of hard edges that would reflect the modernity of the city, an abundance of curves forms the visual landscape of the home, abstractly referencing the Sydney harbour and the city’s undulating hills.

Throughout Millers Point Penthouse, mink veneer by Elton Group is vital to creating the calming, continuous material palette and curved forms that define the space. In the hands of a skilled joiner, the veneer is perfectly placed inside a penthouse apartment, able to establish an effortless flow between internal spaces and slow the process of discovery within. The high-quality product is treated with the best UV protection in the industry, so that its muted walnut tone will not change with exposure to the sun.

Millers Point Penthouse represents a soothing escape from the bustle of the city. Studio Barbara’s partnership with Elton Group enables residents to enjoy a luxury living experience inside a penthouse apartment.

00:00 - An Introduction to the Penthouse Apartment
00:32 - The Original Apartment
00:46 - Escaping the Business of the City
01:20 - Using Veneer in the Penthouse Apartment
01:53 - What is Veneer?
02:56 - The Kitchen & Bathroom Materials
03:14 - Using Soft Curves
03:50 - Durability of the Timber
04:15 - Using Veneer for Detailed Elements
04:55 - The Master Ensuite Bathroom
05:46 - Achieving Homeliness in an Apartment

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Architecture and Interior Design by Studio Barbara.
Photography by Anson Smart.
Veneer by Elton Group.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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