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December 18, 2021

Christopher Griffin, AKA Plant Kween (@plantkween) returns to Architectural Digest, today taking on the challenge of turning a functional but small room into a lush indoor space filled with "green girls" - in only 4 hours. While laying out their ideas for the mud room and executing the transformation, Christopher demonstrates how to propagate plants you may already have, creating even more green to spread around in your own small space.

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Shoe rack courtesy of Open Spaces. Find out more about them

Floor rug courtesy of Ruggable. Ruggable is the first patented machine-washable rug that combines beauty and utility to bring comfort and style to your home. Founded in Los Angeles by Jeneva Bell in 2017, Ruggable uses a 2-piece Rug System that includes a stain- and water-resistant rug cover and a non-slip rug pad to tackle all of life’s messes, from pets to people to spills. All Ruggable products are manufactured in the U.S. and are made-to-order, reducing overproduction one rug at a time.

Plants throughout the room courtesy of Bloomscape. Bloomscape is the modern garden center delivering the largest variety of quality houseplants directly from the greenhouse to peoples’ homes. Bloomscape’s mission is to strengthen people’s relationship with plants by delivering healthy, ready-to-go, potted plants and providing ongoing tips and advice needed to help them thrive. For more information, visit

Photos of Christopher courtesy of Phoebe Cheong Photography

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Creating An Indoor Jungle in 4 Hours | Room Refresh | Architectural Digest

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