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March 15, 2022

Become a member of the world's biggest jury in architecture history. Help to support students.

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There are 706 jurors from 113 countries. The voting will take place over the Internet max to four times a year. You will not travel, you will help.
What are the benefits of becoming a juror at the largest student architectural competition in the world?

What will jury membership bring you?

- International visibility. Every advice you give through Inspireli Education, will be published and posted on the social networks, which have millions of users.
- New Connections. You become a part of the international community of the most accredited architects of the world, who share the same philosophy to support the students and to get them unbiased feedback.
- Inspiration. The Inspireli family is the global community of those who choose to INSPIRE and be INSPIRED.
Content Creators are happy to have so many jurors (from more than 110 countries) with whom we can develop the international project and we are working to make your participation in INSPIRELI beneficial for you as well.
Thank you for all the students from all over the world.


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