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image  1 architecture & design hunter - #architecture_hunterWhat are your thoughts about this amazing luxury hotel,
August 10, 2022

#architecturehunterWhat are your thoughts about this amazing luxury hotel, Archi-Hunters? Slowly swipe left to see a selection of the marvelous !_project: B Hotel_hotel: _architecture: #Brasilia #Brazil Located in the large “Eixo Monumental” avenue, where important government buildings and monuments are, the luxurious B Hotel is designed by the great Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld. The hotel is a simple rectangular prism, well inserted into the architectural identity of Brasilia. Also, the irregularly arranged windows add personality to the facade, creating a dynamic light and shadow movement throughout the day. The result is a unique architectural and interior design project, with a comfortable atmosphere and leisure areas.Go to our stories to learn more about !#architecture #brazilianarchitecture #brasilia