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September 8, 2022

#architecturehunterComment below your favorite project composed by pieces of furniture: Casa Sui by or Infinito Coletivo by !Project 01 (images 1-6):_project: Casa Sui_architecture: #BeloHorizonte #Brazil | Project 02 (images 7-10):_project: Infinito Coletivo _architecture: _furniture: _location: #BeloHorizonte #Brazil | The Casa Sui is the project by , a residence that dialogs with the place it is inserted in the context of the landscape, naturally integrating interior and exterior. In order to make everything as a unit, pieces of furniture have been specified, such as Boomerang sofa, Plissada chair, and Low double bed. Further, Infinito Coletivo is the square, designed by the architectural firm . The project suggests freedom of architectural experimentation of the modules designed by the professionals in a space of coexistence and collective joy, creating environments with no predetermined use and enhancing strong sensory experiences.#architecture #design #casacor