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October 6, 2022

#architecturehunter Which picture do you like the most? The first one or the second one? _project: Atelier Alice Trepp _architecture: _photographer: _location: Origlio, #Switzerland “Located near Origlio, a village overlooking the lake of the same name, Alice Trepp’s Studio is both a place of work and home. Atelier Trepp is built to slot as naturally as possible into the contour lines forming the morphology of the site. Placed mainly underground, it takes its cue from ancient Greek theaters that were molded to fit into the natural morphology of their context. Wedged into the two highest upward-curving contour lines, the building fits seamlessly into the sinuous lie of the land. The volume takes shape rising like leaves out of the ground to make the architecture appear a natural landscape feature” say the architects.