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December 25, 2022

#architecturehunter Save this post for future reference! 📁🤓_project: Arrachay 2.0 _architecture: _photographer: _location: San Pablo, Imbabura, #Ecuador “Arrachay 2.0 was born from a previous experience Arrachay 01. A prefabricated #shelter of minimum dimensions, which is assembled in two bodies. Based on the weight capacity and dimensions of the transport platforms (3.05m wide by 4.88m long and 2.44m at its highest point). The commission starts from repeating the logic that worked well in Arrachay 01, but with new conditions (client, #views, #sunlight, accessibility and topography), seeking to obtain better times and efficiency in transport and subsequent assembly. For this, the #prototype of the #module and the #technology were put to the test by the work team, resulting in the need to improve the construction system to achieve more efficient assembly on site. It is decided that, once in the assembly site, the upper module is coupled to the lower one solely by gravit” say the architects. #woodencabin #dog #woods