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October 19, 2021

Archier Architect designs dream home in the form of View House – a two-storey home located in Sandy Bay, Tasmania. View House – taking its name from the breathtaking views of Hobart – was designed by Chris Haddad for his parents with the intention of allowing them to age in place. View House is a construction of unique materials from Artedomus and a rich colour palette, forming a home of dynamic and contrasting forms.

Situated on a suburban block surrounded by bushland, the brief was to craft a dream home that is inviting, warm and comfortable. Alongside Artedomus, Archier Architect designs dream home View House with attention paid to materiality, interior design and architecture. The home needed to be functional without compromising on aesthetic or material quality, making Artedomus the natural partnership choice.

Archier Architect Designs Dream Home in Tasmania, paying special attention to the way light moves through the space, bringing life to the finishes and surfaces throughout. The home is buried deep into the Hobart hillside and the home’s aesthetic replicates this experience. The courtyard spaces bring light down into the house and lift the spaces upwards. During construction of the courtyard space, a rock from beneath the ground could not be moved: the courtyard was then turned into a fern garden, with the immovable rock on display, representing the land below the surface and as a visual connection to the mountains nearby.

The black brick façade stands as an imposing street presence, but this is broken up with the use of terracotta in the front of the home and throughout the interior spaces. Terracotta is embraced throughout the house, adding colour and warmth that bounces off the timber ceiling. The Terracotta tiles – Cotto Manetti Arrotato Da Crudo (Rustic) from Artedomus – contrasts against the textured clay tiles in the lobby – INAX Homura Tiles, Japanese tiles also from Artedomus.

Architect designs dream home which features many quality Artedomus products and unique materials, including INAX Format Tiles in the upstairs bathroom, as well as the Agape Spin Mirror, Agape Normal Bath, Agape Pear Basins and the Agape Pear 2 Sanitary-ware. The Vigo Lena Marble featured in both the kitchen and the bathroom space connects two separate areas in a seamless and sophistication nod to balance. Successfully giving his parents a space that they can live happily within, Archier architect designs dream home in View House.

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Architecture by Archier.
Photography by Adam Gibson.
Products, Stone and Tiles by Artedomus.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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