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August 17, 2021

Concrete Blonde is an eye-catching modern house, filled with natural light. The architecture speaks to both the restoration of its heritage half, as well as the concrete and contemporary interventions completed by Carter Williamson. The modern house boasts exceptional attention to detail, bettered by its considered furniture selection, as well as the interplay of shadows and the introduction of natural light.

The name for this eye-catching dream home stems from three major aspects – the blonde brickwork, the concrete floor and the Principal Architect Shaun Carter’s favourite band in the 80s, Concrete Blonde – thus, the Annandale home was dubbed Concrete Blonde.

The clients dreamed of renovating a home to create an eye-catching modern house, filled with natural light. Incorporating the heritage façade overlay was incredibly important: the additions to the home’s architecture and interior design expresses a great deal of respect for the existing dwelling. The terrace façade is only one aspect of the modern home’s story, highlighted by the house tour – the back of the building represents its next chapter.

Envisioned for the modern house was the incorporation of a lush, green garden. Present in the house tour are moments of natural light and greenery, felt all throughout and around the home. These fresh instances of garden creep into the concrete building, informing conversations between internal and external spaces. The service walls anchor the modern house with soft green – interrupting the coolness of the concrete materiality – and flows in unison with the natural interior design palette. This speaks to the ambiance of the eye-catching dream house, giving power to the dialogue between its architecture and interior design.

Challenged for light, a classical architectural device was inserted at the junction that separates old and new. This light well is an innovative detail and works alongside the light scoop at the top of the building to bring the northern light in and down through the middle of the structure.

By valuing restoration, Concrete Blonde allows the heritage avenues of the home to tell a story, with a clear incision of where its new story begins. The eye-catching modern house, filled with natural light is threaded with layers of personal connection – whether it is the sustainable values present in every decision or the clients’ personality expressed through selected furniture, each aspect of the home is built for longevity.

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Architecture and Interior Design by Carter Williamson.
Construction by Andrew Burton Construction.
Joinery by Crafty Kabinets.
Photography by Katherine Lu.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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