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August 26, 2022

The fifth episode of AH’s Casacor Special features Restaurante 00:00 MYK by Ricardo Abreu. Installed on the terrace of the Conjunto Nacional for Casacor exhibition, the Greek restaurant is completely singular, embodying biophilic design, and lots of vegetation that stand out. The architect’s inspiration was the Greek culture itself, arranging the white and organic 582 sqm project in 25 islands. Also, clay is the main source of raw material for coatings, with abundant use of faded and aged ceramics lining the islands, as well as on the floors and walls.

Presented by Construflama
Architect: Ricardo Abreu
Fireplace: Construflama
Location: Casacor SP 2022, São Paulo, Brazil
Film: Architecture Hunter
Cover image: André Mortatti

#architecture #design #casacorsp