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August 10, 2021

Through considered and meaningful alterations, Point House has been reinvented as a sophisticated beachside house. Located in the Sydney suburb of Tamarama, Decus Interiors has reimagined the existing space for its new owners. When redesigning the beachside forever home, Decus Interiors ensured that every aspect had purpose, whether that be through the house’s energy, enduring finishes, quality or tactile nature.

Decus Interiors had designed the sophisticated beachside house six years earlier for the original owners. Upon re-examination, they noticed the initial materials previously chosen had endured the wear and tear of everyday life, as well as the unpredictable abrasions from the beachside natural elements. The home’s original materiality – its dark joinery, granite and stone – held a timelessness to it: the flexible and durable nature of certain finishes meant they could be preserved for the new owners.

Point House is not like traditional beachside houses – instead it steers away from the light and breezy qualities of a beach house, focusing to counter balance the natural light that permeates through the space throughout the day. The elegant dance of sophisticated finishes and playful colours intwine with the layering of materiality and a mixture of textures. The contemporary house concentrates on creating a sophisticated interior, weaving together polar features in a harmonious interplay that reinvents the traditional notion of a beachside house.

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Interior Design by Decus Interiors.
Photography by Anson Smart.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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