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April 23, 2022

Designers : tHE gRID Architects -
Video credits: Vinay Panjwani
Photo credits: Photographix | Sebastian

Project Beton Brut (raw concrete in French) involved creating a simple, functional home for a small entrepreneurial family with an appreciable creative streak. The client runs a thriving business, but is also an enthusiastic poet, while his son is an avid wildlife photographer. The home had to be built on an approximately 12,000-sq-ft, southwest-facing plot. The primary concern was to ensure a structure that would be protected from the harsh sunlight and heat. This became entwined with the desire to create an abode that reveled in a sense of space — a home that brought the family together but left enough space for the individual personalities to thrive and bloom. This meant we had to ensure places of congregation and places of solitude in the spatial narrative. Additionally, we endeavored to pair enclosed volumes with open areas to amplify this sense of freedom and luxury. We also proposed that the home would mesh the intangible with the tangible — in effect, create diverse experiences within its physical form.