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April 23, 2022

Developed by Lowe Living in collaboration with Chamberlain Architects and GOLDEN, Azura Aspendale showcases the very best of beachside living. A house tour of an exemplar modern apartment proves the property to be a well-considered complex, seeing each resident have direct access to the nearby ocean.

Sitting on a slither of land between the beach and the railway in Aspendale, the modern apartment is one of 19 within the complex, which is complemented by eight townhouses. Behind the apartment is a designed landscape that uses walkways to directly connect residents to the beachfront, with the walkways leading to a purposeful cut in the front of the building.

Presenting as a singular form, the external architecture of Azura Aspendale picks up on the vast horizon that the modern apartment faces. The rectilinear structure of the building succeeds in light of its modest presence: as opposed to visually dominating the natural landscape, the development presents as architecturally timeless and in harmony with its context.

The interior design of Azura Aspendale follows from the surrounding landscape. Natural materials such as chalky limestone and textured granite subtly refer to the outdoors whilst testifying to the significance of material longevity. Windows to the front and back of each modern apartment complete the airy, externally focused interior design.

Standing as a highly admirable collection of residences, Azura Aspendale is a gem in the Lowe Living property portfolio. From its materiality to its well-developed connection to the outdoors, each modern apartment provides an elegant means of experiencing beachside living.

00:00 - Introduction to the Modern Apartment
00:43 - Meeting the Brief
01:45 - Beach Access
02:07 - Designing for the Landscape
03:00 - Sustainable Design Features
03:45 - Apartment Living Features
04:24 - Indoor-Outdoor Living
04:55 - Executing a Strong Idea
05:19 - What the Architect is Most Proud Of

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Developed and Built by Lowe Living.
Photography by Dave Kulesza.
Architecture by Chamberlain Architects.
Interior Design by GOLDEN.
Landscape Architecture by Jack Merlo.
Filmed and Edited by Dan Preston.
Production by The Local Project.

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