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March 20, 2022

Architecture: Chaukor Studio -

Tetris House is an interconnected composition of masses and volumes - From Pieces to making Whole

The house derives its name from the video game of the 90s - Tetris and is designed as an interlocking composition of many smaller volumes. The house is situated in Greater Noida and is built on a plot size of 200sqm. Built on one of the middle plots of the row housing, the house shares both of its side walls with its neighbors leaving only the front side and rear side for light and ventilation. This being a major limitation, the overall volume of the house is broken into smaller parts and staggered to maximize the external surface area. This provided opportunities to create window openings and doors not just on front but also side faces of the house so that all interior spaces receive ample daylight and proper ventilation. This was further accentuated with a light shaft made right at the centre of the house that also sports a double heighted vertical green wall.

House is designed for a family of four members thus the requirement was to create a spacious living space with ample daylight, ventilation and also opportunities of landscape terraces for outdoor experiences. While the living spaces of the house are planned on two floors in a duplex format, the overall experience of social bonding is kept very tight and compact. Very large double heighted space is created in the central living area in which all the private bedroom open up or look into (from the upper floor). This allows all the members of the family to gather in the central space more frequently while maintaining their private individual spaces. The public area (Living / Dining) is planned as a fluid open space working in conjunction to an open kitchen. This floor thus becomes the most active part of the house. Internal stairs connecting the two floors are planned right in the centre of the this public space to maintain a very strong connectivity between the two. Also the double heighted light shaft with the skyroof on top and a vertical green wall, is also plugged in with this central double height space so that the two always work in conjunction and become part of the everyday experience. The upper floor of the duplex is primarily comprised of private spaces and bedrooms with their private terraces and balconies. All the three rooms on the upper floor look into the central double height space thus giving a strong sense of social connect.