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August 28, 2021

Welcome to a new episode of five inspiring architecture A-frame homes, each with different purpose and atmosphere. Unique Architecture A-frame cabins are located in Australia, Ecuador, Brazil and other countries.
A-frame cabins have already inspired an entire generation of weekend builders. With their simple and affordable construction, steeply sloping distinctively modern shape, they’re easy to build, maintain, and make into your den.

goal is to present unique architecture homes in several episodes.

Hope you enjoy this review! 😏

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In this episode we are giving away a great book called “Cabin Porn: Inside” which invites readers into handmade homes to discover rooms of warmth and simplicity, connected by the universal desire to bring a simple building to life in harmony with the land around it.

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In this video we present several A frame houses:
0:00 ➤ Intro
0:41 ➤ Dunlap Hollow A-frame
1:50 ➤ Sweeney's Hut by Kimo Estate
4:07 ➤ Huaira Cabin
6:01 ➤ Phoenix Rising by Todd Gordon Mather Architect
7:38 ➤ Monkey House by Atelier Marko Brajovic
9:00 ➤ Outro

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